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Curtain & Blind Cleaning


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The curtains and blinds in our homes act as filters for dust and dirt floating around in the air. Curtains in need of cleaning can carry dust mites, bugs and pollutants, as well as mould or bacteria which can lead to respiratory problems such asthma and hayfever. Routine cleaning of curtains and blinds can help prevent allergies and can also keep our homes looking cleaner and fresher.

At RCS we offer a service of curtain and blind cleaning in-situ. This service takes away the hassle of removing and re-hanging curtains. Our in-situ service also alleviates the risk of curtain/lining shrinkage and damage of fabric through regular washing or dry cleaning. Perished curtain hooks are replaced at the same time. Our customers tell us this process is quicker and far more cost effective than other cleaning methods. Heres what we do:

 Curtain/Blind Cleaning-The RCS 7 Step Deep Clean Process

1. Commercial Hoover for dry soil removal

2. Carry out colour fast test

3. Carry out spot stain removal

4. Pre-spray fabric

5. Agitate heavily soiled areas

6. Carry out deep clean and extraction process

7. Apply stain guard treatment (optional)